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Decibel Meter Overview

decibel meter with wind screenThe NM102 Decibel Meter is designed for situations where small size, simple operation and high performance are all required. It allows noise levels to be checked quickly and simply with the large LCD digital display showing Sound Level in decibels with the standard "A" weighting, dB(A) or with "C" weighting.

As this decibel meter has auto-ranging, it can measure from 30 to 130 dB(A) without the need to select the correct range beforehand. The meter also features Fast and Slow time response as well as Maximum, Minimum and Display Hold. This is useful for monitoring machinery or vehicle noise limits.

The back-light makes it possible to use it even in poor light conditions.

The NM102 Decibel Meter is a Type 2 Sound Level Meter and can be supplied with an optional Sound Level Calibrator. This device fits onto the microphone and makes a steady tone of very accurate level and frequency. Simply reading the display you can check whether the instrument is measuring accurately and any adjustments are made automatically by the meter. Some noise measurement regulations demand the use of an acoustic calibrator before each measurement session.

Complete Measurement Kits

decibel meter and calibrator

The Decibel Meter is available as part of a Complete Noise Measurement Kit.

The kit includes the NM102 Decibel Meter, a NM100 Sound Level Calibrator and Wind Screen.

The whole kit is protected by a hard carrying case with custom foam. We also provide a soft carrying case for those occasions when you do not need the entire kit.

The order code for the measurement kit is NM102-K :: Toll-free 888-206-4377